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A Guide To Court – An instructional video on the basics of courtroom rules/procedure, preparing your case, and representing yourself. 

Zoom Video/Audio Conferencing Information

The use of Zoom Video/Audio conferencing is at the discretion of each division. Court personnel for those divisions utilizing this resource will notify parties of potential hearings and conferences that may be held via Zoom.

Information and guidance on using the Zoom platform is available on the website, Zoom Quick Start Guide.

Division “E” cases, if you have a matter that you would like to have heard via Zoom Video/Audio Conference, please contact Christie Gallagher via email at

Caseflow Management

The Ninth Judicial District Court, in cooperation with representatives from various stakeholders including members of the Alexandria Bar Association and the Rapides Parish Clerk of Court’s Office, has developed new caseflow procedures for all general civil and domestic cases. (Click here to view Order signed by the Ninth Judicial District Court Judges.)


In adhering to the principles of nationally recognized standards for timely case disposition, the Ninth Judicial District Court, through court rules and procedures, seeks to develop a case management system to instill public confidence and trust in the judicial process through timely and efficient processing of all cases and equal treatment of all parties.

The procedures will be implemented through a six month pilot program beginning October 15, 2009. During this pilot phase, the Court encourages comments and recommendations from all stakeholders. An official order will implement the new procedures at the completion of the pilot phase.


The new caseflow management procedures require that all civil and domestic petitions must include a Civil Case File Cover Sheet or Domestic Case File Cover Sheet. This cover sheet must be placed on top of your petition or motion so it is easily identifiable by all persons handling such paperwork. If the answering party/defendant disagrees with the case classification, he or she should request a telephone conference with the judge to which the case is assigned.


This order provides for a pre-trial conference in all family law matters unless specifically waived in accordance with the Domestic Case File Cover Sheet.


The Court will issue a Uniform Trial Notice at the time of setting bench and jury trials and notice shall be sent to the attorneys or self represented parties of record.


(Click the link below for your preferred document format)

Civil Case File Cover Sheet:             Microsoft Word          PDF
Domestic Case File Cover Sheet:    PDF
Domestic Pre-Trial Rule:                  PDF

Should you have any questions or comments please direct them to the assistant of the Judge to which your matter is assigned.

You may also contact the Court Administrator, Hope LaFleur via email at or by phone, 318-443-6893.