Division E – Virtual Hearings

All parties/counsel must be in agreement to the use of Zoom for their hearing, and must notify the Court and indicate the parties who will participate via Zoom prior to the hearing date.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Judge Koch began conducting some virtual hearings via video conferencing using the Zoom platform when all parties and counsel involved in the matter are in agreement regarding the use of Zoom.

The Court’s use of Zoom is to limit the amount of people physically present at the courthouse and to allow participation by those affected by COVID-19 while continuing to serve the public.

If you feel this procedure is a violation of your rights or your client’s rights, you may notify the Court of your objection to the use of Zoom and/or conducting a virtual hearing.

Zoom Login Information for Virtual Hearings

*ALL parties and counsel must be in agreement to appear via Zoom Conference, and must notify the Court prior to the hearing date.* 

Meeting ID:
949 287 8527

  • Please review this Zoom Meeting Participant Guide prior to joining.
  • Virtual hearings are held in conjunction with scheduled court dates or on an individual case basis if previously requested/scheduled.
  • Do not schedule a meeting on your Zoom account. The Court will host Zoom conferences for all scheduled matters unless otherwise indicated.
  • During all Zoom hearings, please keep your microphone muted while you are not being addressed.
  • Business casual attire is permitted.
  • Information and guidance on using the Zoom platform is available on the Zoom.us website, Zoom Quick Start Guide.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact Judge Koch’s Judicial Assistant, Christie Gallagher via email or by phone at 318-767-2822.