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MONDAY, July 16, 2018



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262,109- Amanda Drago vs. Vincent Drago, Jr.

251,843- Inspirational Enterprises LLC vs. Edwin Humphries

257,015- Lisa Harbor vs. Allstate Property Casualty Ins. Co., et al

258,551- Stacey Bardwell vs. Jeff Bardwell

43,299- Succession of Michael Morris, Sr.

226,588- Paul Fenn, Jr. vs. Maribeth Fenn

236,354- Nicole Parker vs. Sean Roberts

252,136- William Burleigh et al. vs. Travelers Property Casualty Ins. Co. (Continued until August 6th)

256,869- Tishona Robinson vs. Charles Robinson, Jr.

257,063- Mary Gorman vs. Red River Bank

257,132- Brenda Cutts vs. Thomas Sally, et al.

257,751- John W. James, Jr. vs. John Edwards, et al.

258,222- Ray Behler, et al. vs. Plantation Management Co., LLC., et al

260,032- Christopher Bradford, et al. vs. Walker Automotive, et al.

260,132- Ina Laborde vs. Shelter Mutual Ins. Co., et al

260,305- Traveon Jackson vs. Sheana Beverly

260,929- Madeline Cancienne, et al. vs. Naomi Heights Nursing & Rehab Center, et al.

262,096- Chantelle Forest vs. Rodney Forest

Court Docket prepared by Raven Boxie, Law Clerk to the Honorable George C. Metoyer, Jr.

Court Docket Last Modified on: July 11, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.