Division “F” – Docket




MONDAY, November 26, 2018



If you have any questions about the Court Docket, please contact Raven Boxie (Law Clerk for Division F) at 318.443.6893.  Thank you.

Attention Attorneys and/or Parties: Upon your arrival, please inform a Division F personnel (i.e., Minute Clerk, Law Clerk, Court Reporter) whether your case is with or without testimony and/or needs a Pre-Trial Conference.

Additionally, if your case needs to be Continued or Reset, please contact Raven Boxie.

262,710- Lily Ahart vs. Tyler Durison

262,267- Curtis Perkins, Jr., et al. vs. Mare Deshaies, et al.

238,229- Amanda Chauvin vs. Brian Crowe

236,998- Jacob McManemin vs. Tess Shumate

258,917- Kimberly Brown vs. Kroger Company

262,787- Glenn Hall, et al. vs. City of Alexandria, et al.

263,322- Karra T. Leo vs. Donald Leo

260,707- Steven Ward vs. Kristie Ward

208,097- Judy Denault, et al. vs. Louisiana Dept. of Public Safety

223,844- Cindy McConnell vs. State of La. Dept. of Social Services

236,354- Nicole Parker vs. Sean Roberts

257,385- Meitec, Inc. vs. Summit Industrial Construction, LLC., et al. (This matter is Continued until December 10, 2018.)

260,032- Christopher Bradford, et al. vs. Walker Automotive, et al.

261,018- Tabitha Beebe, et ux. vs. Jenkins Logging, LLC., et al.

260,470- Belinda Norris vs. Old American County Mutual Fire Ins.

255,006- Yevonne Sawyers, et al. vs. Naomi Heights Nursing & Rehab, et al

260,929- Madeline Cancienne, et al vs. Naomi Heights Nursing & Rehab, et al

262,884- Patrice Williams vs. Ryan Gable

263,284- Jarvis Chase vs. Jerranikka Williams

236,112- Mack Shillem, et al vs. Colfax Treating Co. LLC, et al


Court Docket prepared by Raven Boxie, Law Clerk to the Honorable George C. Metoyer, Jr.

Court Docket Last Modified on: November 14, 2018 at 2:03 p.m.