Division “F” – Docket




MONDAY, December 10, 2018



If you have any questions about the Court Docket, please contact Raven Boxie (Law Clerk for Division F) at 318.443.6893.  Thank you.

Attention Attorneys and/or Parties: Upon your arrival, please inform a Division F personnel (i.e., Minute Clerk, Law Clerk, Court Reporter) whether your case is with or without testimony and/or needs a Pre-Trial Conference.

Additionally, if your case needs to be Continued or Reset, please contact Raven Boxie. 

262,651- Frank Rachal vs. Lauren Rachal

260,331- Alan Trammell vs. Amy Trammell

260,167- Linda Carpenter vs. Carlton Carpenter

255,997- Michael Stanley vs. Ronald Pace, et al.

257,985-Meitic, Inc. vs. Summit Industrial Construction, LLC., et al

255,477- Kim & James Lawrence vs. James Gates, et al.

256,345- Sarah Woodruff vs. Hiram Ryland, et al.

257,015- Lisa Harbor vs. Allstate Property & Casualty Ins. Co.

259,844- Henry Phillips vs. Ashley Phillips

262,055- Amber James vs. Audrey Towney, et al.

262,586- Terrace Collins, Sr. vs. Deborah Kelly

212,758- State of Louisiana vs. Marty Phillips

254,807- Nora Blue, Jr. vs. Pecan Grove Training Center of Alexandria

257,368- Kimberly Bradley vs. Quentin Carrera

259,979- PreAnna Williams vs. City of Alexandria, et al.

260,032- Christopher Bradford, et al. vs. Walker Automotive., et al.

260,516- Shannon Lambert vs. Mike Lambert, II

262,771- Fidelity Bank vs. Amy Ash, et al

262,846- In Re: Kevin Dantzler

263,347- Brittany LaRue vs. Jeff LaRue

263,389- Courtney Nobles vs. Daniel Dubroc

263,406- Millicent Nichols vs. Marc Nichols


Court Docket prepared by Raven Boxie, Law Clerk to the Honorable George C. Metoyer, Jr.

Court Docket Last Modified on: December 6, 2018 at 12:24 p.m.